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The Company’s Analytical Chemist, Jan De Bruyn, has over 50 years experience in the service of Anglo American Corporation, Anglo Vaal Iscor and the Atomic Energy Corporation. The main emphasis as Research Chemist is the development and application of advanced chemical analysis methods for Spectroscopy and manufacturing of CRM’s.


DE BRUYN SPECTROSCOPIC SOLUTIONS was established in 2002 by Jan De Bruyn. The laboratory is fully equipped to provide our clients with the best service and support. We provide reliable Certified Aqueous CRM’s, Analysis, instrumentation supplies and consumables for Spectroscopy.


De Bruyn Spectroscopic Solutions is in the process of completing our SANAS: ISO 9001: 17025/34 accreditation, which will be completed during 2015. All CRM standards that are manufactured receive a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis, which complies with ISO Guide 34.


DE BRUYN SPECTROSCOPIC SOLUTIONS manufacture Certified Aqueous CRM’s.

All ‘ULTRASPEC®’ CRM’s will be accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis, traceable to ‘NIST’ standards.

DE BRUYN SPECTROSCOPIC SOLUTIONS manufactures and distributes the “ULTRASPEC®” CRM range and “ULTRAPURE” acids and Distilled water for Aqueous and Inorganic analysis. We customize CRM’s to clients specifications.


De Bruyn Spectroscopic Solutions is well known for our REE Analysis, PGM Analysis, Geological, Metallurgical and water Analysis.


Through the efforts of highly specialised group of dedicated professionals

DE BRUYN SPECTROSCOPIC SOLUTIONS is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction for the services that it provides and the goods that the company manufactures.


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